Thursday, 5 March 2009

9 Key Frames

Frame 1- Is a Location shot the sets the location and the mood of the film as its a wood and its dark many people associate dark woods with horror.

Frame 2- is showing the main chracter and her outfit is very plain and simple it looks like night wear. she looks around in cofusion like shes is lost this build tension as you don't know what is going on at the moment in time.

Frame 3- Is more establishing shot also that the shot rotates makes it feel weird and like its not real or something.

Frame 4 is high shot showing variety confusion as its in a weird angle and the girl looks very confused

Frame 5- Is a tracking shot as she looks around trying to figure out what is going on.

Frame 6- Is a very energetic shot as the girl hears sounds she panics as she trys to find out where it coming from.

Frame 7- is her walking but a image of a Heart appear this startles the audience as it only in 2 frames and it unpredictable.

Frame 8- is the girl walking into herself i used the simple clothes so you can identify the girl but now there is two so you know its the same person.

Frame 9- The switch of Location and the girl waking up ending the weird dream as the dull colour has been removed an now its all nice and bright contrast.

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

This is my Main Character. In this shot she woken up from her nightmare. She is wearing plain white night wear.

This is the main character from An American Haunting as you can see she is wearing a white night gown and has been disturbed and woken up in shock.

you can see they both have things in common. Both films are horror. the angle of the shots are very similar to eachother mine being high and An American Hunting is a lower shot. They both have panic expression like they have woken up from a nightmare or have heard something scary. They are both young girls. in the same kind of plain white cloths showing innocence.
The only Difference is that the period the film are based on. My film is based in modern time and An American Haunting is based in the 1800's.

What kind of media istituation might distribute your media product and why? How did you attract/adress your audience?

This is a little commentary i did about my film and distributers

Who would be the audience for your product?

What kind Of 'Genre' do you think this film belongs to? Why?
Horror, because of the setting, music and loneliness + Screms
I feel this because it's set in a forest and it goes from having one girl in the woods to two girls. then blood and guts, also with the creepy atmosphere and music i would defo say its a horror

Who do you think the 'target audience' of this film would be? Why?
people who like odd wired horror films also people who like a twist.
it's a bit random too, random people who like random things should like this.

i think the target audience is young people, beacuse its a young person in the film

What is your favourite image from this film? Why?
The heart flashing it adds a 'scary' effect.
When the two girls are side by side facing each other, I thought the way was edited and filmed was well done.

If you were to borrow one idea from this film for your own film making project, what would it be &why?
Flashing heart
The way it went from scary girl in the woods back to a diffrent scene to somthing like a dream

Jake and Jim's feedback

This is feedback we got from jake and jim two professional film makers.

Very Silent Hill the Music, Shade and text gives it a Horror feel
Over all it's good but you could of changed the varity of shots because most shots are medium. Long shots could give the effect of being lost and close up keeps it different. Also maybe have a little more build up till the girl changes or go a wide shot and quickly close up to her changing. Also the wake up scene she could wake up right in to the camera.

What I have learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product

The Equipment

This is all the kit I used to make my Film Opening Project.
I used a Sony High Definition Camera which uses HDV tapes. It also has a Tripod and the camera uses a High Quality Mic that is connected to the Camera and we had to use the head sets to hear.

Programs I uesed during this project were After Effects, Final Cut and Photoshop.
After Effects is an editing Software which is also used to add text animation and effects to film or compalations. I used it to try out special effects and Filters. But didn't use it in my Final Piece as i had some technical difficulties.
Final Cut is Digital Editing Software. you can upload vedio of camera, video cameras and phones. you then can use the footage cut and edit and re-arrange to your liking it also has some effects that can be added like filter blurs. you also can edits speed. I used it to edit and add effects and sound to my film and even text for my Titles.
Photoshop is an Digital image editor it is used to improve or change images using effects and layer to develop pictures. I used it to make my Demon Faces using the key frames of the Demon Sequence and used Masks and Smuge tool to get my demon effects.
Skills i would like to improve for next project is?

I would like to improve my knowlage on After Effect and use it in my next project to get some great effects that would not be possible on any of the avalible Software. I will cheak online totrural on the web and ask people who ahve knoledge of the program

I would like to look and lern more interesting camera shot and how to co-ordinate each shot perfectly. How to properly organise a film shot so i can get the best result. Start to watch more film like some well known idependents for they seem to explore interesting shots then hollywood filmmakers so they can be noticed.

I need to learn how to use green screen so my possiblitys of film location and types can open up for more opitunities. Ask for a tutorial with teachers or other people to learn and get a chance to use it.

How i will Help Next time

In this Project i help a few people more with acting and only 1 or 2 people with technical issues. But i didn't help Sam, Alexander or Ash with there work. next project I look to wonder round the class and see if everyone's okay and if they need any help at all as there not going to ask me if i don't say I will help with anyone.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

During the making of my opening sequence i learnt a lot about the 180 degree rule and Continuity. in my film my character moves left to right for a while then slow rotates round so she going right to left. This is not sudden it gradually rotates which doesn't make it look out of place and wired.
In my continuity task i use a lot of over the shoulder and close up i planned to use over the shoulder shots in my film but i have forgot extra costume so i couldn't get a stand in so i could do the over shoulder shot. But i did do revers shots but not so many close ups.

Information Cloud Invoice

People who Helped me

People I have Helped

Sunday, 1 March 2009

If I had One More Day To Edit

If I had one more day to edit i would probably had put my film into after effects and added a filter to drain the colours down to give it a real Tim Burton look.

Evaluationon My Opeing Sequence

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? (i.e. of film openings)

How does your media product represent particular social groups
My Product represent on the Dark Social Groups like Goths and Emos as its Dark and a Horror.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
My First Thought of Distributers is Twisted Pictures as they do alot of Horrors and Thrillers like Saw and Dead Silence.

But that you be if my film is a big Hollywood Blockbuster
But its rare to see big Horror Film come From the UK. So mine could come under independant Horror.
Who would be the audience for your media product?
My main Audience are 16 and above. mainly for thrill seekers or people who like a good horror film. Mine may not be the most Amazing Horror of all time but i think it is a good first attempt at a genre that is hard to get a thrill out of.
How did you attract/address your audience?
I think the main thing that attract the audience is the name which mean female dream Demon and in the opening sequence the music gives it a dark and erey feel to it all.
What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
I have Learnt that technologies and High Tech Cameras are nothing if you don't have any good camera angle ideas and good movement. Also to try out new things and even if its not going to be used get it beacuse it mean you ahve more to play with. i learnt this from some story board of film shots have been changed for even better shots that made the film look even better.
Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?
ive learnt to keep going at 100% concentration when editing beacuse you can make silly mistakes that make the film look bad also. Get as Much film as possible so you have so much to play with even if its only 2 minutes long 20 mins is what you need to aim for.

Final Opening Sequence

I have finished my opeing sequence. Looking at what everyone said in my feedback i have ticked mjorty of teh boxes to the best of my abilities.

I Also Made two Version.

Version 1 at the end has the main chracter wake up after her horrible nightmare.
Version 2 Has not go the Main Chracter waking up.

Version 1

Version 2

Editing Day 4

Today I Finished

I moved all my credits in to the right places and trimed off any unwated footage. unfortunatly my sequence wouldn't render in to an anamatic so i could get the best out of it in After Effects. i tyed a few time but it didn't work so i did my effect in Final Cut. I got wanted but i couldn't get it any more darker then i origanly wanted.

Now ive Uploaded to Youtube and to HD

Editing Day 3

What i did Today

Today i added a Song that my friends band has let me used. I have cut the film to fit with the song. Edited more of the sound effects and added the Credits to the film.

Still To Do

Put through After effect to add a filter to dim the colours.

Arange the credits so there not in the way of anything important.

Upload it to youtube and in HD

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Editing Day 2

What ive Done Today
Today ive added sound effects and cut down more of my footage. unfortunatly as ive tried to cut shot were my actress is looked at the camera ive lots the the flow of the film and now it looks really badly edited.

i started on my demon face and relized a demon face was not going ot work with my footage so i took a page out of the short art student film 'Destroy' were its flashs images in 2 farames you don't see alot of it but your mind takes it all in. so ive taken frezzeframes of the original footage and edited it in photoshop. ive also taken some more images and put them in between each shot so make it flow smother but still jitter and jumpy.

ive now uploaded the rough cut onto youtube.

there is still work needing to be done but some off the shot i like.

We also showed the vedio to the class and they gave me feed back

the majority like but say i should make it flow better my actress keeps lookng at the camera. As we had no sound in the playing of the film they all said they would have to be sound to make it effective and give more of the mood. But they all liked my Demon face.

Still to do
i have to sort out the editing
add credits
add more sound
and put the film through a filter to make it look more like a dream world.

Editing Day 1

What ive done Today
i have uploaded my film and i have sived through the footage and got my good footage moved my bad footage out of the way. i have put all my clips in order and aranged in the correct order i also have cut everything down so each shot flows alot more easyer. i have done my split shot of the two of the same person in the shot by croping one of the clips and over lapping it ontop of the other then lined up with the suroundings.

Still Need to do
i still need to put in sound effects and music
still need to make my Demon Face
Cut more of the footage so it doesn't drag out so long

Filming My Opening Sequence

I filmed my opening sequce in priory park woods. i filmed during miday
filming was very quick we only spent an hour on site to film and only edded with 6minutes of footage majority were out takes.
I feel disapointed about this but know to spend more time and film alot more so i ahve more to work with during editing.
I filmed Shot by shot in order. everything went well, but after watching back i noticed my actress kept looking at the camera and by then it was to late to do anything. With the good footage i ahve i can work well with it and will consentrate everything into editing to make the opening sequence a sucsses.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Top 3 Thing you do before and during filming

Tip 1- Planning
Plan everything to the very last. Make sure you have all your actors, dates and times are set and met. So there are no complitions. Also have a back up plan for your back up plan you never now what can go wrong.

Tip 2- Location
Location is key to sell any film if its not in the right location the film will fall apart. So make sure your location is esacly what you want and you can film there. Also go to the location and take some photos or test shots to see if your location works.

Tip 3- Amount of Footage to work with
Footage is key if there no footage you have forgot something. Make sure everything is working and set up correctly. Also when filming take great care into each shot so it can be the best it can be. Fianlly Don't be Afraid to do more takes of the same shot even if the take before was corrent there always room for improvment and you ahve more footage to play with during editing.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Mood bored animatic

This is my mood bored it is a compilation of images and sound effects. I have used a lot of images from medieval or ancient civilizations.

Continuity Task 2

Continuity Task in DV


This is the film we shot using normal DV tapes. From the looks of it the camera quality is much better then our other camera. The Only Problem was that the Volume was very hard to hear. We seem to not set the mic settings right.

Continuity Task in HD

The quality is even better than the DV tapes. We Had two problems with the HD tapes one we had to set the camera to HD recording and the audio was still very quiet. 

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Post Production

In my post production i will have to try out all speacail effects and camera effect i am going to be using in my opening sequecne.

1st My Demon Face: i know it is easily done on After Effects. I will test out some diffrent demon faces that i could do and see how good they come out.

2nd Split Screen( Two of the Same person): I plan to take to shot of the same person in there diffrent spots then cut teh shot in the middle and ajust the two shot into line so there apears to be two of the same people interacting.

Blog Feedback

Kirk Kemp's Feedback:

Overall your blog is very well organised and structured well, there are only a few things i have noticed that could posibly be changed / added. One being the speilling mistakes, and the overall paragraph / sentence structure side of your seperate blog posts , but this is only a very minor thing and is not a big thing at all, as it will only take a few alterations / changes in order to put it right. The second thing being that your blog could possibly do with more visuals i.e. pictures, gif images, animations and videos, in order to make it more eye catching, becuase the examiners will want more of a visually enhanced blog, rather than a boring text by text blog which is text after text after text etc. The final thing that could maybe changed is the titles for each blog post, in order to make it clear what has been done in that blog post.

What i will do:

From what Kirk has told me is that i will put a few more images in and maybe some more vedios for reserch. Also to give my blog a quick spell cheak and maybe retittle some of my blog post to make it clear what is in the post.

Exorcizm Of Emily Rose

I like the way this opening squence is made. it a very slow sequence but the atmosphere and that sound effects and music makes you feel like something is wrong but you do not see much to comfirm it till mid way in the sequnce with the preist being taken by the police.

This Also help give idea of technice on sound and atmospher building for my sequcene using sound and music are key ellements to make a scary movie scary.

Friday, 6 February 2009

What Could Go Very Wrong

Major Issuse

1. One of my problems are finding a good enough actor taht will look convincing in the film. I will start asking around college and my local town for actors. My back-up use my Close Relations

2.After getting actors that live in cambridge arranging them to get to the film location on time. if this failules i will get soemone local to act for me.

3.Time is a Major Issue as i am most likely to film during febuary half term break and with the lack of good quality Camera we all have small about of time with each camera. so i will have to make a tight skeduale so everything can be done without being rushed.

What Could go Wrong


Actors Peromances are not convincing.

Not go use to the New Cameras.

The weather is so Bad we can not shoot.

Minor Concerns

Can't do the effects of after effect to get a convincing Demon Face

Been Able to Get Actors and Crew to the Film location

Can get all our Costumes Together in time

Extra Effect look good with the film.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


My Costumes are very plan all we need is a plain shit and pajama bottoms and some shoes, socks or boots. depending on the weather. we are going to need 2 of the same t-shirts as we are doing an over shoulder shot of the same person.


In my Opening Sequence I only have 2 main location
Location 1: A Large Forest ( I have found the place i am going to shoot but i hope the weather is kind and it won't be hard to wonder around the woods with out slipping up or damaging the equipment.) This location is were majority of the opening sequence will be shot
Location 2: This is in an Bedroom prosily a clean and plain bedroom. if no were is found we shall use my bedroom.) This Location is were the last shot is taken.

My Animatic

This is my Animatic. I took photos of my story bored and then produced my rough copy of my film opening sequence.
I like some of the motions i have used and the text. i think the project will go to plan my story bored is nothing to complected.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

My Credits

Long Road Pictures Presents
An Epic Lolz Productions
Sarah Day
Kirk Kemp
David Chapel
Tom Warne
Tara Smith
Ian Magonson
Casting by Matsushima Miki
Music by Jamie Cate
Film Editors Cean Koepp & Jack Chater
Production Designer Geneve Gurr
Designer of Photography Laura Prime
Produced by Glenn Young Haden Martian
Written by Laurence Smith
Directed by Laurence Smith

Text Thoughts

Black Night:
I like Black Night as it medieval but has a rough look which gives a good effect.
Bondon Bleu: Bondon Bleu is good it has a old look which is very rough.
Decadentia: is  a lot more neater i like the Capitals are more fancy medieval look.

Ruritania: is a lot similar to Decadentia and look very nice.

Teutonic No1: is very neat Medieval writing but maybe had to read surety words

XXII Scratch: is a very cool text it like tit has been scratch in to a wall or quickly written gives a scene of evil and madness

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sleepy Hollow

I really like Tim Burton film Because how dark he makes film feel even from a still shot. He dosen't need a horror film or mosnters to jump out of every moment to build up tention and a scary feel to the film.

Sleep Hollow is an Standered Opening Sequence for it show Location the Main Character Johnny Deep and Period of the film. Also i like how he uses the text to give the mood of the film as they fade away and at one shot which pases the tree The 'R' falls like a Leaf in Autum which i think is a really good effect.

Build Up to StoryBored

Over the past week i've been looking films and consept art to inspier me any little ideas or technices to use in my final piece.

We Made a ModeBored. Which refecs on the mood of the film and ascpects it covers like location genre and chracters. My main acpects of my mood bored was teh location of my opening sequence which is a fosrest and teh dark era it gives the better. is it is winter it is forests are probaly best palce to get dark scary feeling from the location beacuse teh trees all look dead and the damp from the air make the wood turn a dark brown more like black. which give a really creepy effect. Also looking at old medevil pictures on demons and even the writting to use as the credits as it very easy to read and look good.

From the ModeBored we did 9 Key Frames of our opening sequence. This gave us a chance to look at what we wanted to happen in our opening sequence and in what order every thing happens. Using the 9 key frames and the modebored we made a 3 key fram sequence that told the same story roughly but using key consept Art from our ModeBored

Shot List

1. Black screen with a few titles appearing.
2. A shot of a forest which pans across with more credits appearing and the tittle of the film end panning across to the girl who appears from behind a tree.
3. Close up of the girl as she looks around then she walks of screen
4 over head shot as she walk into the middle of the screen and look up
5. cuts to a shot of the canopy.
6. Reverse shot and then she carries on walking
7. Then goes to a wide shot as she walk looking around wondering were she is.
8. goes to a low shot as she walks past the camera.
9.Goes to a tracking shot as she walks she stops and she hears noise.
10. A behind shot as she then turns to the camera trying to see were the voice is coming from.
11. Then goes to a pan shot were the contrast pluses and the girl keeps  around trying to see were the voice is walks out of shot.
12. wide tracking shot as she looks round a tree then walks across to the next one.
13. shot of the another girl with her head down then after a while slowly look up
14 same shot but the girl walks into the shot and stop in front of the spot were the other girl would stand.
15. Close up of the other girl raising her head.
16 reverse shot the the girls reaction.
17 another reverse shot of the other girl she grins and screms and lunges at the camera
18. Cut to a close up of the girl suddenly  waking up in her bed and the alarm going off in the bottom corner. 

Key Frames of opening Sequence

These three drawing are key frames of my opening sequence but using images from my mood bored

This is 9 Key Frames that show ruffly the order and what will happen in my opening sequence.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Open Sequence Idea

The opening sequence starts with a black screen with music or sound effects in the background. With some of the credits.
Open to a Pan Shot in of wood with more craedits and then the Tittle of the film.
Pan Down to a girl walking in the woods.
Cuts to a close up of the girl and more credits appear.
cuts to a tree and the girl walks past it and more credits appear
shots of the trees and more credits. an over head shot and the girl looks up with again more credits.
Wired sound surround with the the Camera blurs as it pan around the girl is looking around worried trying to see what is making the nosie so runs out of shot and she keeps looking around a tracking shot as she walk and turn trying to see what making the noise then a shot of a 'another girl' the girl then walks in to shot jsut truning to see her and stops. close up of the girl looking at the second girl then it reverse shot as the other girl raises her head to see its herself. the girl backs away in shocka nd the other girl the grins and lunges at teh screen trurning into a demon.
Then cuts to a close up of the girl as she wakes up with an alarm clock in the bottom of the shot the girl opens her eyes.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

FInal Idea

Girl Possessed by Demon who tern her to a mass murder. But she has no reclamation of what she has done and her best friend a detective is hot on the case.

CSI meets the Exorcist and Saw

Working Title
Succubus (girl dream demon)

Key Essential Elements in a Successful Opening Sequence for a Film

. Eye-catching/ intriguing imagery/ show off production values
. Name of film near beginning of sequence institutional detail-distributor (studio)/ Production company/ named jobs/actors etc. (conventions of order)
. Don't let it DRAG OUT
. Title sequence reflecting the film
. Build-up e.g. tension mystery -audience wants to know
. Intro Character or Location or Theme/Story or Mood or all of these

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Industry Analysis

L'E.S.T is a french Film effects comapny that work on mainly french film but did te opening sequence for 2005 Lord Of War i really like this opening sequence because its more like a short film by its self then a opening credits. 'The Life of A Bullet'

Prologue live action a graphic design have done lots of big films. Like Spiderman 2 and 3 iron man Dawn of the dead re-make and many more.
Alot of there opening sequences are graphic based but some use live action like dawn of the dead. which is like a montarge of what is happening to the world as a zombie infection is apone humaity. Like iorn man and spiderman it all grphic based with some live action.

Scarface intro is a great example of live action crossed with graphics it jsut such and intence film the intro gives u a taste of what the film is all about.

Comparative Analysis

my opening sequence is going to be based on Brief 2 so i had a look at some supernatural thrilers. Made both by the US and other film makers from all over the world. I looked at Hideo Nakatas 1998 Ringu in japan which in 2002 was remade in the states as The Ring. I also looked at David Fincher's 2002 Panic Room which is an American film.

The opeing sequence to Ringu is a very slow opening sequnce it takes time to biuld up atmosphere. the opeing 1:35 minutes bulids up quite a bit of testion from the non diegetic music it has that erey scary tone to it so it makes people know what kind of opening it is. teh tension is cut then the two girls are talking. but what they talk about keep people interested a video taht kill people when they watch it 'wired stuff ' whne the girl in blue starts to tell her friend taht she had seen it the tension bulds back up this is keeping the audience intersted as they don't know if its real or just amade up story when teh girl then starts laughing the testion is killed once again till the phone rings and the tesion is back again even more intences then times before. jsut the silence there is apart from the phone ringing makes the audience feel something is going to happen. but when it turn out to be the girls mum the tention is killed until the ther girl goes away and the tv in the room tern on the tention is back and this feel to be teh lsat time after she turn teh tv off there is still some tention like that not all there is going to be. how the girls movment help to build tention because she know something is there till she turn round and it switches to negative. The opening sequence is 7 minutes and 57 seconds and consists of 30 shots. I like this very much because it keeps killing the tetion taht the movie makes and keep the audience on there toes as there die of atisapation then fear.

Azmik-Ace Entertainment
Omega Production
Kadokawa, Pony Canyon, Toho, Imagica, Asmik-Ace & Omega Project Present:
Executive Producer Hara Masato
Producers Kawai Shinya, Ichise Takashige, Sento Takenori
Matsushima Nanako
Nakatani Miki
Sanada Hiroyuki
From the Novel by Suzki Koji (Kadokawa Shoten)
Screenplay Takahashi Hiroshi
Directed by Nakada Hideo

Panic Room Opening Sequence is 1:50 minutes long and contains 20 diffrent shots around the city. with the tittles either in the air or against buildings you have diegetic sound but you have non diegetic that give it the dark feeling even though the sequence is in broad day light in a busy city. i like it beause i dosen't give much away of the film and its nice shots if u like scenery.

Columbia Pictures Presents
A Hofflund/Polone Production
An Indelible Picture
Jodie Foster
Forest Whitaker
Dwight Yoakam
Jared Leto
Panic Room
Kristen Stewart
Ann Magunson
Ian Buchanam
Patrick Bauchau
Paul Schulze
Casting By Laray Yayfield
Costume Designer Michael Kaplan
Music by Howard Shore
Film Editors James Haygood.A.C.E
Angus Wall
Production Designer Arthur Max
Designer of Photography Conraod W. Hall
Darus Khondjt A.S.C.A.F.C
Produced by Gavin Polone
Judy Hofflund
David Koepp
Cean Chaffin
Written by David Koepp
Directed by David Fincher

With the Opening Credits they show the most important people in the film project like the director, main actors, Editors, film writters and produsers and the companys that funded the film.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Epic Lolz Production

This is my film Production logo 'Epic Lolz' i have used this name in all my other work so i deiced to make a logo for it in after effect. i found a the character i use in my logo. i then used motion in after effect make it look like it is walking then i use rotation to use a cheesy spin and the name dissolves in.  I used a light source to get a spot light that gave the image a shadow when it rotated. I then went in to garageband and found  random sound i chose a sheep noise to add a little of humor to the logo

Monday, 19 January 2009

brief 4- animation Ideas and Feedback

idea 1-all quite on the eastern front world war 2 germans against the russian. we follow a young officer as his men are at the brink of massacre by the ruthless russian.

idea 2- nuclear war brakes out and every corner of the world is bombed. 30 year later u follow a group of people trying to survive as every other living thing want to kill them survival of the fittest.
Feedback- Philippa: Planned Well good adult movie idea
Tara: Bassed on the WW2 good hook/ Nuclear war remines me of war of the world mutaints etc.

brief 3 independent Ideas and Feedback

idea 1- young girl point of view in a family thats filled with drugs crime and sex and this young girl trying to live a normal life.

idea 2- A young drug addict trying to get live in a gang ruled town where little children commit the most crimes as they can not be convicted.
Feedback- Tara: very good idea, serious very intresting ,based on real life.
Philippa:quite good- seems very thought out and planned well.

Brief 2 Supernatural Ideas and Feedback

idea 1- girl get possessed by a demon and becomes a brutal mass murder and doesn't realize what she is doing her friend. detective try to find out who is been killing these people

idea 2- girl go to Europe and find a quite town and find out it is plague by vampires and monsters and when every you come to 'Serkstian' it becomes your home.
Feedback- Philippa: Creepy in a good way, gothic but intresting
Tara: 2 creative ideas- reminds me of film by simon peqq.
Matt:prefer idea 1 friends one bad one person good makes intresting story

Brief 1 Action Ideas and Feedback

idea 1- Brink of civil war motorbike gangs rule the street one of the members is in a accident and starts to get physic and want to find out how it happen.

idea 2- 2219 space bounty hunter how is great at his job. but a gang lead put a bounty on his head and he has to try get out of it somehow.
Fredback- Tara: Very creative idea, seemed to plan it well and knows hot to create it. 2 very well planned idea you have used manga as you have a good knowledge.
Matt H: prefer 2nd Idea. Bounty Hunters is a cool idea extra Violence to make it sweet!
Philippa: Detailed- very interesting

Friday, 16 January 2009

Long Road Logo

This is the college logo that we animated to make this sequence. We got the logo in photoshop and broke them up into layer we then export the layers to after effect and we were able to animated them separately. I used movement and shrink image. then i used mostion to move the Long Road title across.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Logo info


I found this sequence done by Long Road Media students doing a triller opening tittle sequence. I found this intresting because it very quick pase and not much is said or awnsered within the few minutes. The Non Diagetic Sound unforunatly fits the pase of the sequence but does not set a very good triller kind of mood. I find the one light sourse very good gives the felling of restriction and presure because you don't know waht hiding in the dark corners. The quick cut shots between writting, eye movment and the chair spinning. The ripping of the tape from the mouth then rewinding it is a good effect also the fish eye/ twister effect gives a sence of maddness and insacuraty. In the end i really like how he takes of the tape and puts his finger to his lips and the word Hush appreas. I like how the text is presented very gitary making more neverasy and insacurty but mabye harder to read at some points.

Two Minds this is a link to a the thriller opening project that we looked at and eveluated how well they have done.

The Clip its self is what some people could say is a good attempt. some of it is really well edited and the idea of the clip is good. but some shots are unesasery or do not work like the flikering bit in the first few seconds on the sequence it is edited to slow so it jsut look like there is a tehcnical problem and ruenes the mood. In the rough cut as the sequencs has been spead up i think the flickering effect work alot more effectively beaucse it has more pase. A very good seuqnce is the quick shot between beer bottles, pill, the spead up clock, hand writting, fire which they got the isparation from 'Usual Suspects' which is good they are refering back to there reaserch. I also like the shot of were the person looks in the mirror and the camera moves across to see a diffrent person there using the mirror to represent a parale world. finaly i like how iwth the new person they copy shots to the audience relize he is the same person. Over all it a good sequence but some stuff could of been left out and it didn't really grab the audience that they wanted to know more. Also they didn't really set teh scene in the clip all u saw was little thing that could be anywhere in the world.

The Reaserch was minnimal even thought they had 16 post filled with infomation they were in a group of four and that ment they all did four post each and they could of done more. with a few more visual items like videos. They could of look at more films for insparation then jsut the couple. For theres hundereds of Thriller movies and they only could look at one. What they did write was good it was very detailed and they knew what they where doing. They coverd all the need catagories like Story, Shot List, Props, Editing, progress diary, infomation that using in the film, developing film titles. So over all there reserch was good but there just wasn't enough to get them the mark they would of hoped

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Legendary Pictures

The Logo For Legendary Pictures start with a a light shinning through the light is made lighting effects or over explosing surten shapes. Also the light shines down a black plane taht has been but on an angle. Suddenly rips in the back apperas this could be done by slowly moving the light across the screen. Then it start to out line the logo this could be done by a effect that makes the image apperas but it is draw up not jsut apearing. The logo slowly back away from the screen rotating in to position. It then gets smaller and the colour changes from a burning ember to a gold. With the name of the comapny paning back from the bottom half also terning gold from a dark colour. The final image uses a light that shines on the bottom left of the logo.

Monday, 12 January 2009

The Makers of 300

Warner Bros. was founded in Hollywood in 1918 it is a film promoter and has done film like Harry Potter, Batman, Terminator, Gremlins, Lethal Weapon, The Matrix Series, Superman, Free Willy, Lonney Tunes and many more

Legendary Pictures is the Production company behind 300. The company has a 5year, 25 picture agreement to co-produce and co-finance with Warner Bros. starting in 2005. this contract ends in 2010 Legendary Pictuers first full length film with Warner Bros. was Batman Begins and there second was Superman Returns. other film thet have made are Lady in the Water, The Ant Bully, The Dark Night and more in Production they are making a World Of Warcraft film set to be relasese some time in 2009 and in development a Gear Of War film Date TBA.

Directed by Zack Snyder is a US director and writer he ahs done Dawn Of The Dead reamke and Watchmen as well as 300

Produced by Frank Miller, Zack Synder, Gianni Nunnari, Jeffery Silver, Mark Canton

Continuity Task

This is our Continuity Task. This shows the 180 degree rule, shot reverse shot and match on action.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Opening Titles 300

I looked at many diffrent opening credits and could really make my mind up but i chose to go with 300

I chose this sequence because i find it a change from normal opening credits it a combination of still image and 3D animation. I perticualy like the contrasting colours the sequences uses it uses black alot but uses red as blood and the titles. red as u know stands out very well with balck and jsut efisizes the effect of blood. Another good point is that it converts one still image or animation in to another it moves around one aniamtion but makes loads more. the sound is greek so it set the place and time this film is set also the imagry of spears sword and arrows.

This Opening sequence gives me idea of contrast and maybe atempting animation/ cartoonification. also that the music should set the mood and the type of film back ground noises helps alot ive find in many more sequences like final destination 3 i starts in a fair ground thats shut it has teh happy fair music but you hear the odd screem that make things not seem right.

Anther opening sequences that uses cartoonification taht i find good is the james bond opening credits they all seem to keep to the same prinsable of black outlines of everything which opens the floor to inrutprating and making it your own.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

New York

In this quckly made opening sequence i used alot of fades in the operning shots and through out the sequence. I started with the the satue of liberty then a fade in to some clouds. I used animation markers to move my text. With the text i used the animation markers to move the text around and i gave an effect that the new titles would push the old on out of the way. After the cloud shot i faded in to a skyscraper shot and i then changed the music from a slow jazz tunes to a more upbeat riff as it now in the heart of new york. I held shot for only a few second and quickly flicked between diffrent scenes. After a few city shot i did a shot of a airplane which pushes the title away and replaces it with another. After a few more city shots. idavidaly made each letter of the word new york and moved them up to the top of the screen (off screeen). Then one by one using the animation botton moved them down to spell new york. After that shots are simular to past shots. Untill the last few shot which start at a pan shot up in the sky looking down at a inportant buliding its slowly pan around and lower down. While this happen it quickly cuts to more shots of other things and switchs back to the pan shot. When the pan shot end it fades in to a pan down shot of another inportant buliding.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Thunderbird shot by shot

This clip open with a close up of Thunderbird 5's 5, this is back up with the vocie of Jeff Tracey. This sounds like the start of a count down it from this 1st shot it zooms out to a wide shot off thunderbird 5 and a non-diegetic sound, which back makes the shot more dramatic as the Thunderbird is stationary position floting in space. The next shot is a close up shot of Thunderbird 4 the camera is aimed at the 4 of thunderbird 4 again Jeff Tracey which comformes it with saying four the next number in a lunch sequence. this start to rise build up and it zooms out from the 4 to a wide shot of thunderbird 4 and the background moving behind it this showing that thunderbird 4 is moving. Again the shot is the same with Thunderbird 3 and 2 when it get to one it shows a close up of 1 and zooms our as Jeff Tracey finishes the count down then the engenies of thunderbird 1 egnite the smoke that spread everywere shows the power of the rocket and the noise of this ferosefe engine. the thunderbird slowly takes to flit this is enfasising Jeff Traceys count down. Thunderbird 1 then is half out of the shot whne it then cuts thunder and lightning whith the titles Thunderbird moving toawrds the camera as Jeff Tracey say 'Thunderbirds are go!'.

the next sequence is a combination of shots from the show itself with the FAB1 flying across the screen this show that they are either being chassed or are in a great rush also the vast trees and fenses show this might be in Engllish countryside. The next shot is an exploding giant crocadile this is very odd thing to see but the crocadile must of been doing soemthing if people wanted to blow it up. it then cut to a bold man who opens his eyes is expretion on his face show he means buissnes and his eye which are yellow shows he has somekind of power and is a classic villan. the next shot is a close up of the base of Thunderbird3 as it takes off. Then cut to Brain in a suite srounded by metal works which looks like a machine room for somekind of vichel of building he is welding so it must be inportant and dengourse as he is in a suite. The next shot is Thunderbird 2 landing in a rocky souronding this show something must be going in the desert. Next is a shot of the Fireflash trying to land on 3 verichals which have platforms on to to catch the plan. it goes to a close up of in the front verichel as Virgal Tracey looks conserned trying to consintrate as he is driving the veichel. then goes to a close up to one of the veichals as it catches the wing on its platform. then it cuts to Thunderbird 4 moving in to a pod at the bottom of the ocean. it cuts to a close up of Gordon Tracy as he rams in to teh pod the cockpit shakes it then reverses of a wide shot of Thunderbird 4 as it has hit the pod and the top half brakes off. the next shot is thunderbird 2 flying under a satalite using the wing to change it tragetary this satalite is moving at high speed and must be goign to hit something bad so it seeem thunderbird 2 is trying to send it somewere else safer. Next is a shot of Thunderbird 1 taking off this might mean there is another problem as it taking off from its horazontal position. after this it cuts to Parker hanging on to a frame of soemkind trying to atach a wire to it as they are moving. There must be soemthing wrong and parker is battleing time to do this task. the last shots are of this ship crashing into a bridge fisrt from a reverse angle then swaps to a side under the ship as its in the bridge as it exploses this is shot from a point of view as if someone was on the moutian side.

The next shot cuts to the title as if backs away from the camera till u see all of it and thuner and lighting hits it and the titles desolve. it then cuts to a stil of thunderbird 1 with a blue outline of scott tracy after a few second a picture appears of Scott Tracey. next is a shot of thunderbird 5 this not close but in teh distance as it is in space and space is vast. this also has a outline of John Tracey. this is the for all other thunderbirds they also have Brain who has test tubes behind him and in his hand this hsow he must be smart and a scientist they also do the same for Lady Panelope who is a girl and her background is of her Manshion and FAB1 she is also wearing a big hat and has a cigetert in a facy hold this show she is very very rich and she has the title of Lady.

The Final Shot is of somekind of factory in the desert more credits appear and the non-diegitic music hits pinical point the muci dies down suddenly there are masssive explotion this efiseses the dangers and dramartic. After the explotion the creadtic come back and the non-digetic blast out as it rounds up and the shot fades out in to black.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

youtube tips for hits

After looking at most top hits on searching just 'Lego'. Most of the hits refer to movie and big tv shows but mostly movies like batman, indiana jones and star wars and spiderman seem to be the biggest beause lego has alredy got model from these film. So there no effort in making them so people just use wat they can buy so top hits. If u want lots of hits is the title of the show, lego, funny, comedy,random

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Thunderbird are leGO!

the into we have desided to do is thunderbird. in this title sequence we need to bulid all thunderbird and have lego men as the Tracys. also we need to build some building that we are planning to try blow up by using small fireoworks or by other means. Also we might have to bulid teh lage writing that they have in the title sequences.

Sunday, 30 November 2008


teh first impression of Omar from most episode is a very rough chracters. When he want something done he does it him self in the brutalist way possible. As a kid he has been in a life of crime but he has a good heart and is very smart he only hurt/robs the people who desives it and will defend the poor and inasunt. Omar has a big gruge against Marlo and will hurt anyone that conected to get Marlo do what Omar want beause 'Omar don't scare'

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Lesson 26th November 08

In this Lesson we desided to get diffrent TV dramas and try fill in the London Underground with them but all conecting and making sence. Our 1st challenge is to try think what drama that could be king cross station. That has 6 diffrent line on (the diffrent line are used as diffrent genas of TV drama we decide on the end London Kings Cross is East Endersfor it touches on loads of diffrent tyes of Drama like Romance, Crime, Medical, Police, and many other.

After that we started to see what each train line could be. while Desiding we looked at the possible option and started finding as many drama as we could for each option so we can fill in all the train stop with the TV Drama's

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

American Cop Drama

Charlie's Angles
Starky and Hutch
Police Woman
The Rookies
CSI Los Vagas
CSI Miami
Due South
Miami Vice
Magnum, P.I
Cagney & Lacey
Hawaii Five-O
Dragnet 1967
Sunset Strip
Z CAra

Saturday, 22 November 2008